Set in Southern France in the 1990s, Consolation is a multi-media play about the relationship between a young French re-enactor, who plays a Cathar knight in a Visitor's Centre, and a middle-aged Englishwoman who believes she has experienced a past life as a Cathar heretic in thirteenth century Languedoc. Featuring thrilling stage combat by Dan Styles, and sumptuous visuals by Bobbin Productions, Consolation is a witty, disturbing, and ultimately life-affirming journey into lost worlds, pseudo-history, and the search for belonging - with a very contemporary twist in its tale! Its London run earned actor Danny Solomon an Off West End Award nomination for Best Actor.

There’s so much that’s brilliant about this play that it’s difficult to fit it all into one review. 

This is no consolation prize to a West End ticket, this is another exceptional piece of work from Théâtre Volière. Gorgeous, life-affirming and a linguistic treasure.

Views from the Gods

Consolation will grab your attention right from the start and won't let go.

Carns Theatre Passion 

What makes this production so enthralling, is that the story itself is cleverly told through the use of the castle’s accompanying films for the reenactments... and screen Skype conversations with Carol’s son.

West End Wilma

A play whose characters are equally split between men and women, whose primary female character is middle-aged, and who indulges in swordplay with a man 15 years her junior! Does that sound like a play you want to see? 

Female Arts