The joy of the Fringe is that if you turn enough corners, past enough comedy stand up acts and musicals, you will stumble across something truly life changing. It can be something so small and low key, yet its impact truly transcends its scale. Evocation is one of those shows.

The Student, Edinburgh

The English versions of the poems avoid literal translation to preserve the music and spirit of the original. This has created powerful poetry in its own right... An intriguing, haunting piece of theatre.

Edinburgh Guide

This beautiful production will live with you a long time after the Fringe is over.


Amazing, dreamy, mind blowing performance.


You have to see this play, its simply awesome.

Audience feedback


O Pierrot! Le ressort du rire,

Entre mes dents je l’ai cassé:

Le clair decor s’est effacé

Dans un mirage à la Shakespeare.

O Pierrot! The spirit of fun,

I bit on it and it broke!

The bright scenery, the jokes,

Like a Shakespearian mirage, gone.

Shocking and tender, erotic and cruel, this new treatment of Giraud's symbolist classic relocates Pierrot Lunaire to fin de siècle Brighton. Performance poetry and contemporary puppetry with an original score by Antoine Arlot.  A Théâtre Volière and La Soupe Compagnie collaboration.