Goethe in Alsace

1772, Sessenheim, Alsace, on the eve of The French Revolution. Friederike Brion, the parson's daughter so cruelly abandoned by Goethe, is caught up in another would-be poet's fantasies of rural idylls and innocent muses. But Jakob Lenz, unlike many of his contemporaries, is a genuinely troubled soul. Haunted by a mysterious Bohemian musician, hearts chilled by the shadow of the great man himself, the pair enter a spiral of recrimination and revenge that will have lasting consequences for them both.


At once witty and tragic, accessible yet profound, Goethe in Alsace explores the complex relationship between 'high' culture and 'low', between the art of the individual 'genius' and the anonymous folk and popular art on which it so often feeds.

This show has been developed for performance in small, non-theatre spaces, particularly pubs and bars - part of our commitment to take high quality, original work to hubs of community life.