I find at first only spoil and aftermath —

A few failing crops, this earth that binds nothing but the cold stones

and fists of frost in June

that blunt

its life away.

And then to sink my hands into the earth to find beneath it

new harsher symptoms —

a body bleeding out

boils of blood in every sunken well, and then above

the lambs already still at birth

and out to sea

each lighthouse burning. 

Dom Bury

with support from



A work in progress. New poetry in performance. The land that sank beneath the waves between Cornwall and Brittany is raised up again in a new collaboration between Théâtre Volière, West Country poet and environmentalist 

Dom Bury, early music specialist Sophia Brumfitt, percussionist Dhevdas Nair, and German theatre director, climber and academic Katharina Engel.

Sophia Brumfitt and Dhevdas Nair workshop music for Lyonesse